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Online dating waste of time and money


Results 1 to 26 of I don't know if most of you have actually watched women using tinder or bumble right in front of you Most of my female co-workers have tinder or bumble they range from the age of 24 to They are all significantly below me in looks by several points some of them are below average and some of them are average.

They'd show me there matches all of them had over matches and they'd even show me how they would swipe and MANY of them would constantly swipe over decent looking guys.

Why online dating is waste...

Some of them were even better looking then me and I would never date any of these girls. I've also been on dates with looks-matched girls and these girls are even worse; some of them literally pass up normal good looking guys and only swipe if they are in the elite "Online dating waste of time and money" of looks or have a great job doctor, lawyer, etc With that being said, online should only be an accessory tool to your dating game and doesn't reflect real life at all. When I did the online dating thing, I could rarely match a girl that was at any of my ex girlfriend's looks level and I met all my ex girlfriends in either a night time setting or in school and all of them were digging my looks How many of these threads do we need?

Originally Posted by DolphinPilot. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else. Originally Posted by psychosylocibin. Can confirm Online dating waste of time and money not that bad. Originally Posted by Thebunz. Pastor Konrai, can I get an Amen? Originally Posted by TacomaLust. Originally Posted by daisygirl The redeeming fact about humanity still remains that approaching in person and making a great impression is like a July 4th fireworks show, compared to matching online and making a great impression thro texting conversation, which is the mere equivalent of a handheld firecracker- aka no comparison, not even close.

Meeting women in person, not through online means, there are so many emotions involved. I feel alive again. View Profile View Forum Posts. Online dating is great if you're using it almost exclusively for hookups, you might get lucky and find a "good" girl but don't expect to. Bench lbs Squat lbs Dead lbs - will never lift this again: Originally Posted by Who? I think Sun Tzu said some chit about picking battles where you have an advantage. I made sure to rip on them for their little fat pouches to bring down their ego a bit OP.

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Pro union and pro labor - Neg facists, corporate whores, and those who seek to destroy the middle class. I congratulate you, Hillary Clinton! Not a waste of time at all, just don't use it as your only source or have any sort of expectations. The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. They are the happiest most perfect couple I've ever seen.

There are miracles to "Online dating waste of time and money" had. But we are in for the most part a "hook-up" culture now. It's more emotionally gratifying to get likes than to connect with a human being so we dump and move on. Shut up and Squat! Originally Posted by FU3L. I have a threesome tomorrow, date monday probably not gona bother don't like week day datesdate friday. I have about 6 girls im 'dating' at the moment all from online, I don't get a load of matches but I sure as hell get dates with the ones I do match with.

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Similar Threads POF science! By Jazzjunkie85 in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Why Free Online Dating Sites Are A Waste Of Time. Published on But you'll waste a lot more time, money, and energy dating on your own.

A lot of people I've talked to who have done online dating say they were tired of meeting people in bars. It's pretty mainstream nowadays. I've done it off and on. Online dating can be difficult for men but there are still many who pull . I can't call it "a waste of time for most guys" because I've seen plenty of.