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Best photo hider for android


Sometimes you just want to keep prying eyes away from your stuff. There are a variety of ways to do it too. Applocks provide a quick, if somewhat ineffective, means of privacy. There are also special vault apps that store files and hide files from other apps. Of course, there are also OEM solutions as well. Whatever you choose to go with should keep out snoopy roommates or kids.

Best App To Hide Pictures...

However, a tech savvy individual can bypass these without too much effort. These only provide short term privacy benefits. In any case, here are the best gallery vault apps for Android!

If we missed any great gallery vault apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! More privacy apps here! It basically turns any app into a vault app. It has a variety of security measures. For instance, you can hide it from the app drawer. Additionally, it locks down your gallery, cloud storage apps, file explorer app, or any other app that might access your files.

This should work well for snooping individuals or kids. There are a few ways to pay for this one. You can use the app for free with ads, though, if you prefer. It's pretty decent for what it does. AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock Price: Cheetah Mobile has a lot of really terrible apps. This isn't one of them. This applock works like most applocks do. It lets you lock Best photo hider for android apps tight so that others can't see them.

It features fingerprint support and you can lock things like Bluetooth settings as well. There are also themes if you're into that. This is actually a decent, free, and very basic applock. It is very unlike Cheetah Mobile, actually. It works best with older versions of Android as users have reported some issues with it on Android Oreo.

It's completely free with no ads or in-app purchases as far as we could tell. Gallery Vault is one of the most popular vault apps for Android. It's a standalone app that hides files. You import files and the app hides them from all of your other apps. This makes it good for hiding whatever photo and video content Best photo hider for android want. The app also features a privacy browser, limited fingerprint scanner support apparently only Samsung devicesbreak-in alerts, and file encryption.

Of course, if something happens, the app may delete all of your photos, but that's the Best photo hider for android you run sometimes.

Hide Something is one of the cleanest gallery vault apps we've seen. It also works well enough as a vault app. You can share files directly from third party apps to this in order to hide them. Additionally, it features Google Drive support for hidden backups. That's kind of neat, actually. Some other features include GIF support, a fake vault mode, fingerprint support, and more. It also doesn't show up in the recent apps menu. It's cheap, it looks good, and it has the more common features.

That works for us! LockMyPix is another decent gallery vault app. It has a lot of desirable features, including complete offline support, a fake login, AES encryption, fingerprint scanner support, and SD card support.

4. Secret Calculator

You can even open a fake vault if you want to. That is potentially useful if someone is forcing you to open the app for them. We found the occasional report of backups not functioning all that well. Otherwise, this app actually seems rock solid. It's also relatively inexpensive.

Maybe try these too! Norton App Lock Price: Norton App Lock is another surprisingly good applock from a typically not-so-great developer. This one has all of the common features. It also includes a few different passcode options, support for multiple apps, and it takes photos of people trying to break the applock.

Other app locks have more features. However, this one does the basics and it's surprisingly "Best photo hider for android" for a Norton app. Best photo hider for android also entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads. Of course, it has the same caveats as other applocks. People can get around it with enough time.

Calculator Gallery Vault is one of a few apps in this very weird genre of vault apps. It disguises itself as a calculator app. You use the number pad to enter a password to access the vault. It's a unique and fun idea and there are a surprising number of apps that pretend to be a calculator. In terms of features, this one includes a fake password to show fake content if needed, a hidden incognito browser, and a few others.

It's also one of the few that supports things other than photos and videos such as music, documents, contacts, and other files. It's not perfect, but it usually gets the job done. SpSoft AppLock is another popular and dependable applock. It has all of the usual features, including a function to record intruders, fingerprint support, a fake lock, support for 31 languages, and more. This one also includes support for different passwords for each app it Best photo hider for android and it has remote lock functionality as well.

That gives it an extra step above most other applocks. We found the occasional report of a bug, but most people seem to like this one a lot. OEM specific locking features Price: OEMs add a lot of extra features to their devices over stock Android. Occasionally, that includes an app lock or a privacy vault of some sort.

Samsung's Secure Folder feature in the security and lock screen settings is an excellent example. These apps have an advantage over third party apps because they are system-level. They can't be uninstalled, they're built right into the OEM version of Android, and that all "Best photo hider for android" it much harder to crack than an uninstallable app.

If a lock screen isn't enough, we definitely recommend looking at OEM specific locking Best photo hider for android before going with a third party app. Trust us, it's better. Or just use a really good lock screen Price: Here's the thing, folks. If people are in your phone, your security can only be so good. We really only recommend applocks and vault apps to people with kids because thieves can get around them with enough time.

If you're worried about extra protection in case of theft, we actually recommend Find My Phone apps that can remotely wipe your device like Google's option. Set up a good lock screen and we have a list of Find My Phone apps just below! Thank you for reading! Huawei Mate 20 Pro international giveaway! Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Your source for all things Android! For over six years millions have trusted Vaulty with their privacy!

“Vaulty asks for the least in return for the most.” - Naked Security.

Download Keepsafe to join over...

If you’ve used an Android app to hide your private photos or videos, you’d surely heard of KeepSafe Photo Vault. You can jump into any of these folders to add and protect your private photos, videos or personal IDs. The add-on features allow you to unlock the app using your. Don't want others see photos/pictures on your Android phone? Read this article and find the best apps to hide photos and pictures on Android.

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Am I paranoid or is it really happening? Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people who have entrusted more than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popular Photo Vault & album locker. Not every photo stored on your phone is for public sharing as some of them are private. But you certainly cannot stop anyone from from going..

The whole world has collected some photos and pictures in their Android phones, most of which are not meant to be seen by renowned, yet can be viewed by other people easily. I'm sure that myriad of you would rather run into a situation when you lent your phone to friends, and then they provoke curious about your photos. All your Selfies are discovered, they get a good laugh, but you are so embarrassed! To bypass such awkwardness, you could turn to a secret petition, which can hide out your private positives and pictures.

If you are an Android user, there are tons of such applications on Google Play Cache, and most of them are free! Apart from the above apps that hide your pictures and photos, you could also recoup some built-in routines pre-installed on your phone by LG and Samsung.

  • If you’ve used an Android app to hide your private photos or videos, you’d surely heard of KeepSafe Photo Vault. You can jump into any of these folders to add and protect your private photos, videos or personal IDs. The add-on features allow you to unlock the app using your.
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  • To natively hide your photos on an Android device, open up your File Manager — your device usually comes with a stock one. Add a new folder. Here's where to hide your sexts away from prying eyes. if you lose them. Vaulty is available for free on Google Play for Android devices.
  • There are tons of Android vaults on Google play store that enable you to hide specific content on your Android device from other eyes. We don't.
  • 6 secret apps to hide your sexy photos

10 Best Apps...

Keepsafe also allows you to share the pictures security from within the app. Online dating is difficult enough without boring, Puritanical rules putting out the spark in your love life. To use it, you have to first create a Pin to access app.

Vault offers cloud backup and a private browser, so you can navigate and download other sensitive media without detection. It also comes with a hidden mode or stealth mode that does not show application on the home screen of your device.

Hide Something is one of the cleanest gallery vault apps we've seen. If a login attempt fails more than four times, the app will snap a picture of the intruder and send their location to your email.

Best App To Hide Pictures On Android

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Not every photo stored on your phone is for public sharing as some of them are private. But you certainly cannot stop anyone from from going through your personal stuff when they have your phone. To ensure privacy on your devices you can download a third-party privacy application.

If you will go to google play store and search for a privacy applications, you will find many. To make the selection of a privacy application simpler in this article we are listing 10 best apps to hide your private photos and videos.

The application is a double layered password security application that works beyond expectations. The app is secure with a four-digit pin as well as individual albums are secure with a password. The applications also allows you to lock your stuff with fingerprint. Secret Photo Vault takes extra care of your privacy and provides you. Stealth Mode makes the app disappear from recent apps list so no one else can open it.

The app saves your photos and videos in a hidden folder so no one can access them using file manager or explorer. Keepsafe is another popular app for hiding your photos on android.

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Best photo hider for android
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  • For over six years millions have trusted Vaulty with their privacy! “Vaulty asks for the least in return for the...
  • Don't want others see photos/pictures on your Android phone? Read this article and find the best apps to...
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  • Not every photo stored on your phone is for public sharing as some of them are...

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