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Pua married


The man looking for discreet action should look at the married game for what it is. An opportunity to meet and fuck women outside of his "Pua married" for his own and only his own enjoyment. This blog already assumes that most of the men reading are fairly successful, reasonably handsome and somewhat confident guys between the ages of If you are too far outside of this category I highly suggest taking some time to take a step back and evaluate your skills as a pick up artist. There are many great resources available out there to help you be more confident and successful with women.

We will spend some time talking about techniques to meet woman and close them soon. Home game is simply your stable of Pua married who are under two hours from your Pua married residence.

These are girls you may meet once in a while causally during the day for sex. They may be somebody you met on the internet or someone you met while visiting a bar several cities over from you.

Ideally they have little or no direct connection to your personal life unless you are affiliated with them through work at a company different than your own. If you are planning to meet women at the bar, I recommend doing it somewhere where you would never go with your significant other. If you do decide to meet women Pua married a very close vicinity to your home, make sure the girl lives at least min away so that there is at least some geographical separation between you.

You really Pua married to focus on establishing the proper geographical boundaries to have success with married game. Another way to meet women is through the internet.

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There are several dating sites designed for married men such as Ashley Madison and a few others. Some sites such as fling. If you choose to use a dating site, be very careful about the information you post.

I have been told by multiple woman that they have seen many men from their local community on these sites and all it takes is one person who is not a member of the secret society to email your wife photos of your cock from one of "Pua married" sites.

I plan on doing a blog post at some point about online Pua married for the married man and will post real life encounters on this blog in the future.

Home game is much more dangerous than road game. You will be fucking women who can drive to your home, see you at the park, etc. You might be walking your dog with the family one day and you see a chick that you fucked a few Pua married ago, that sucks!

One of the biggest rules about home game is that I advise against acting single. You are going to lose some women who are interested in you because you are married, but the ones you do bang will have potential for repeat hookups. If they are married as well, the odds go way down that you will be revealed to your main chick. One of the most important rules of home game is to never under any circumstances take a girl to your home.

The bitch is probably crazy and a drama queen, she will Pua married likely leave her panties Pua married your washing machine for your girl to come home and discover. Stay away from any woman who wants to know anything about you or your home life. Road game is the holy grail of discreet sex.

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An opportunity to go to a new town and be a single man for a few days. Road game has the lowest chances for getting caught if you know what to expect.

Hi, I'm married and doing...

First and foremost, if you are traveling with other people who you know either through work or have any connection to your other life, you must take the same precautions you would normally take in home game. This will give them something to gossip about in the office when you get back.

Some people tend to look down upon or judge men who cheat on their wives, it is better to avoid bringing people "Pua married" have any connection to your personal life into your secret world of extramarital sex. If you do, make sure it is with a close friend or somebody you trust. If you have a work buddy who shares your interest in strange pussy, you may want to have him be your wing man on these out of town trips. In the world of single pick up the wingman is widely accepted and common part of game.

In married Pua married it can also be a valued tool however you must really trust "Pua married" you bring into the game. If your wingman is a cheating husband you have a much safer option because you both have something to lose Pua married things get rocky between you for any reason.

I'm getting married. Here's the...

A good wingman can also play into your alibi if you find yourself getting questioned about some aspect of the game from your significant other. Wingmen can apply to both home game and road game but each method has a slightly different strategy. The reason I suggest taking your ring off on the road is you have the natural time constraints of your trip to shield you from your target wanting a long term relationship. She will realize that you just want to use her for sex and that you are not interested in taking it further.

She may be a wife herself just looking for some strange cock after the dental supply conference in Vegas.

Your odds of success go way up when you get on the road because you can revert back to single mode without any of the normal distractions. Road game is like fine wine laced with cocaine, it tastes delicious, gets you high and is highly addictive.

We will dive deeper into road game in future posts as well. Home Game Home game is simply your stable of women who are under two hours from your primary residence. Road "Pua married" Road game is the holy grail Pua married discreet sex.

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I'm a 44 year old guy, married for 18 years and with 2 kids. For almost Pua married years, we 've had quite a bit of difficulty getting along. Her temper had.

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